Do You Want To Know About Demonic Possession?

Demonic possession is when Satan controls a person’s thoughts (emotions and thoughts) and intellect (ability to make decisions) by integrating with the person’s consciousness. As a result, Satan also controls the behavior of those he possesses. The activity of possessed persons is controlled in part or completely by the devil who possesses him. Satan who possesses a person can stay inside the person’s body or control it from the outside. Sadly, sometimes this kind of possession can happen when someone sends black magic to you. That’s why we recommend you try to remove black magic from your own body.

After possession, there is no difference in the intensity of possession if the demon is inside or outside the body. Even in the case of possession, demon black energy is also involved as part and parcel of Satan, just as Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) is part and parcel of Saints (Saints). But the difference is that Satan is first actively involved in controlling thought and intellect with the intent to harm someone. In most cases, people who are possessed do not know that they are possessed until Satan is manifested dramatically as shown in the Hollywood film ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’.

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