Guide to Maintain Vehicle Distance When Driving

Keeping the distance during driving is a must. Although this is already known, not many drivers know how to maintain a safe distance of the vehicle. The reason is, some traffic accidents caused by the negligence of the driver in managing the safe distance have occurred. During driving, distance becomes a standard rule that not only needs to be known but needs to be applied. In the book ‘Practical Traffic Guide’, there are two types of distances that drivers must pay attention to, namely the minimum distance and the safe distance. The minimum distance is the closest distance that should not be passed between the rear and front cars. The goal is to anticipate driving reactions, such as sudden brakes. While safe distance is the most recommended limit to be applied during driving, especially during the rainy season, so you can avoid things that are not desirable. If an accident then occurs and causes the condition of your vehicle in a very severe condition, then you can use our service immediately, namely 24 Hr Towing Clovis .

If the calculating distance is difficult, the next guide is to pay attention to the rear wheels of the car in front of you. Make sure the rear wheels of the car are visible. Because, by making sure the rear wheels of the car in front are visible, you can maximize the space to start maneuvering when driving or overtaking. Furthermore, as far as possible do not be too long behind the bus or truck when on the road. If it takes too long and doesn’t set a strategy to overtake the vehicle, you might be exposed to material carried by bus or truck, such as sand or earth, and something flammable. Although you are asked not to stay behind the bus or truck for too long, you should also look at the condition of the truck or bus. If the vehicle is long and wide, then you must have enough distance and not be in a blind spot, which is an area that cannot be seen by the vehicle in front.

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