Hobbies Watch Movie Series? Beware Of Bad Effects Binge-Watching

Are you among those who like watching television series, such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, or the like? How much time do you usually spend watching the series? If you spend the time to watch one season of a television series online like in the important site, you can be said to be affected by the phenomenon of binge-watching.

The streaming service makes many people spend hours watching for one time at a time, without pauses. This phenomenon is also known as binge-watching and can occur at various ages.

Bad effects of binge-watching for health
1. Bad behaviour and antisocial nature
If binge-watching arises as a child, this can affect the way they interact with others. Children who spend more time watching, tend to exhibit antisocial behaviour and other personality disorders. In adults, binge-watching can also affect social relationships. When you are addicted to watching, a person may not care about the people around him, both family and friends.

2. Risk of weight gain and obesity
By consuming high-calorie foods and still sitting for hours in front of the television or other devices, do not be surprised if the scales increase. Calories will continue to grow without being able to be removed from the body and become a pile of fat. This is what then causes weight gain and increases the risk of obesity.

3. Risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease
Watching television for more than two hours every day is said to influence the increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The problem is, you will only be constantly sitting and rarely moving. This endangers health.

4. Decreased sperm count
For men, binge-watching has the potential to affect fertility. A study shows that men who spend more than 20 hours per week have fewer sperm counts. Maybe it happened because watching makes someone not move much and not move from his seat so that the temperature of the testes increases. As a result, sperm production can decrease.

5. Early death
Adults who spend more than three hours per day watching can experience an increased risk of premature death. This opinion is proven in research conducted on about 13 thousand participants and published in the journal of the American Heart Association.

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