Psilocybin Capsules For Mental Health Support

From a more pragmatic perspective psilocybin capsules, if expectancy or suggestibility are found to be influential in the context of psychedelic therapy, they could be treated as exploitable components of the treatment model rather than confounding variables. Psilocybin capsules antidepressants have been found to down-regulate the primary receptor target of psilocybin (the 5-HT2A receptor) and attenuated subjective responses to psychedelics have previously been reported in individuals chronically medicated with serotonergic antidepressants.29 Thus, patients may be required to withdraw from concurrent antidepressant medication before receiving psilocybin and this should only ever be done with care.

In conclusion, we sought to assess the safety and tolerability of psilocybin capsules plus psychological support in patients with unipolar treatment-resistant depression. Our findings support the feasibility of this psilocybin capsules approach and the magnitude and duration of the post-treatment reductions in symptom severity motivate further controlled research. Psilocybin has a novel pharmacological action in comparison with currently available treatments for depression (ie, 5-HT2A receptor agonism) and thus could constitute a useful addition to available therapies for the treatment of depression.

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