How to Burn Stomach Fat Fast

Summer is the perfect time to relax by spending all day while eating snacks or junk food in a cold room. But we need to know, that activity will trigger a build-up of fat in the stomach, making the stomach distended. Use leptoconnect to help you loss weight.

If your stomach is already bulging and fat in your body has piled up, it helps you try a few tips below so that the fat deposits in your stomach disappear. Here are some ways to help you burn belly fat quickly:

1. Aerobic exercise
According to research, aerobic or cardio training is the most effective way to burn fat calories to the maximum and improve health. To get satisfying results, practice with high intensity consistently with the same frequency and duration every day.

2. Avoid refined carbohydrates
As many people may already know, reducing carbohydrate intake from food can reduce body fat, including belly fat. In this case, you don’t need to go on a strict carbohydrate diet. All you need to do is replace refined carbohydrates such as bread, white rice, soda, etc., into unprocessed natural carbohydrates, such as vegetables and grains.

3. Replace ordinary cooking oil with coconut oil
Coconut oil contains healthy fats that can reduce weight. According to research, coconut oil contains fat which can increase metabolism and reduce the amount of fat storage in the body in response to high-calorie intake. In addition, coconut oil can also eliminate fat in the stomach. It is recommended to use about 2 tablespoons or 30 ml of coconut oil per day.

4. Consumption of fatty fish
Fatty fish contain high-quality protein and omega-3 fats that can prevent you from the risk of various diseases. Fatty fish can be a very healthy food choice, and some research also shows that omega-3 fats can help reduce visceral fat (fat around the stomach). You can eat 2-3 servings of fatty fish such as salmon, herring, and sardines every week.