Some Types Of Wood Commonly Used For Furniture

Each type of wood has its characteristics, which in turn can give a touch of different warmth and add to the overall interior and exterior aesthetics. To add aesthetic value, we can paint the wood with the help of For those of you who want to know about the type of wood that is commonly used as a basic material for furniture, here is the complete information on the type of wood furniture below.

Beech Wood, An Attractive Natural Light
Beech is a type of solid wood that is hard, strong, and heavy. Its appearance is often characterized by lighter colors, from white to light yellow with dense grains of wood that are dense and evenly distributed. This beechwood also has a high resistance to damping or shock resistance.

Oak, Stubborn & Wear Resistant
It doesn’t take much introduction to the type of oak wood, because oak wood is often heard even in the ears of ordinary people. Its hard, strong, and durable, making it a basic wood material for furniture that can be used for years. Its weight is also heavy and not easily cracked, although you must be careful of water exposure with oak wood.

Maple Wood, a True Musician’s Friend
Maple wood has the basic characteristics of hard, heavy, and moisture resistant. As a basic wood for furniture, maple wood can be present for years without experiencing significant damage.

Maple wood color is also bright and easily painted with other colors as a variation of household furniture. Aside from being a basic material for furniture, maple wood is also most often chosen as a material for musical instruments, such as high-value guitars and also wood for drums.

Pine Wood, The Popular Minimalist
Pinewood is often an idol for furniture craftsmen because the price is quite affordable. The appearance of this wood is generally bright and easily overwritten with other colors. Because of its lightweight, pinewood is not as resistant and as strong as maple or oak wood.

Teak Wood, A Luxury Champion
The high price is identical to teak, but also high quality, durability, durable and strong. With a durable class of champions, teak is also resistant to mold, weather, and even water.

This is because the oil content in teak is high enough so that its strength is very supportive to be used as high-value furniture. Teak wood is also often used as an office desk in the office director’s room.