These Are 5 Reasons Women Are More Prone To Contracting Sexual Infections

Sexual infections can affect anyone, both men and women, especially in people who are actively having sex. Although there are several types of sexual infections that can be treated with drugs, that does not mean this infection should not be underestimated. Because, if not treated immediately, the sexual infection can cause serious complications. Therefore, you are advised to be aware of sexual infections. If you see symptoms of infection in a sensitive area, you can consult a gynecologist consultation to get the right advice. Compared to men, women tend to be more vulnerable to sexual infections. Well, what about the reason behind this. Check out the explanation further here.

1. Anatomic Conditions
Anatomically, the shape of the vital organs of men and women are different. Male genitals do not open too wide like female genitals. Women have a vulva area consisting of the labia and clitoris that are wide open so that the infection can enter easily.

Compared to men, the condition of female sexual organs is also more humid. This is useful because it makes good bacteria can flourish in the vagina. However, the possibility of bacteria that cause infection thrives is also very large.

2. Incorrect Detecting Disease
Symptoms of sexual infections experienced by women generally in the form of pain, pain, and heat that spreads in the pelvic area. Some infections also cause the discharge to flow abnormally with an unpleasant odor. Well, these symptoms often make women confused about detecting the disease they are experiencing.
As a result, women tend to overcome them by consuming less precise drugs. If you have this, sexual infections can get worse.

3. Some diseases even cause no symptoms in women
Symptoms of the sexual infection are usually still clearly visible in men, namely in the form of inflammation and discharge such as pus. However, in women, some diseases do not produce symptoms at first, until the condition is severe, causing symptoms.
Some diseases that have no symptoms or few symptoms are chlamydia and gonorrhea. Both of these diseases can cause disruptive effects and attack organs in the pelvic area when they are severe.

4. Women Menstruation
An adult woman will menstruate every month. Blood that comes out during menstruation is very dirty and easily overgrown with bacteria. If a woman cannot maintain the cleanliness of her sex organs during menstruation, the risk of getting an infection will be even higher. Infections, such as bacterial vaginosis to pathogenic vaginal discharge, can arise from this.

5. Maintain Cleanliness of Women’s Intimate Organs More Complicated
Compared to men, maintaining vaginal hygiene is more difficult and troublesome. Many things must be considered, ranging from cleaning the vagina from the right direction, should not use soap containing fragrances, to the prohibition to enter cleaning fluid or douching into the vagina.